new slave from xtrabackup of slave

We currently have a master (say, A) and a slave (say, B). We have weekly full and daily incrementals of the slave, B. We now want to introduce a new slave, as a sibling of B (say, C). We want to create this slave C with a restore of the slave B backups. Is it possible to do this? where can we find the master (A) binlog position at the time of the backup? xtrabackup_binlog_info contains the binlog info of the B server but not of the A. Or should we just restore the backup, and will the binlog position be available to the restored database, so we can just start the replication and it will sync with the master?

thanks, ITB.

you need to backup from Slave B with --slave-info parameter and use xtrabackup_slave_info file to fetch the value for master_log_file and master_log_pos to make promote C as slave of Master A. You can find complete steps here [url]How to setup a slave for replication in 6 simple steps with Percona XtraBackup