New MongoDB Shell (mongosh) does not authenticate to Percona MongoDB server using LDAP

The [new MongoDB Shell]( MongoDB Shell (mongosh) — MongoDB Shell does not work or authenticate to Percona MongoDB server using LDAP

mongosh --username <user_name> --password --authenticationDatabase '$external' --authenticationMechanism PLAIN --host --port 28015

But the same command works fine to connect to Enterprise MongoDB instance. So do you know if anything should be done in my Percona MongoDB installation in order to allow LDAP authentication using mongosh?

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I just saw there is already a report bug about this issue [PSMDB-677] mongosh cannot authenticate LDAP user - Percona JIRA

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Hi @ronascentes,

The issue has already been fixed in recent Percona Server for MongoDB releases.
Just for your info: there was an issue with cyrus-sasl-plain dependency package on RPM-based systems which is also fixed in recent releases Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4 release notes, so now it is installed along with Percona Server for MongoDB packages.