New cluster can I stop mysql@bootstrap.service?

In process of a new percona cluster and I forgot a few things and need to make a few tweaks to my.cnf file. I started to bootstrap this node but no other nodes were added or started if you will. I did systemctl start mysql@bootstrap.service. However noticed my wsrep.cnf needed to be modified and another setting in my.cnf. Can I simply do a systemctl stop mysql@bootstrap.service and make my changes and then reboot the server and run systemctl start mysql@bootstrap.service? Or are there other actions that need to take place?

In addition to this, I tried to check for root password in mysql after I started mysql@bootstrap.service
cat error.log | grep password in /var/lib/mysql as this is where error.log file was specified in my.cnf. I didn’t see a temp root password for this at all. using -uroot and -p empty it would not login.

Thank you for any help, i’m needing to get this up and running soon.

Appreciate it!

Hi @jasonfe33!

Yes, you can (and should) use systemctl stop mysql@bootstrap.service to stop the node. Afterwards, you can start it with the command you sent.

Regarding password, did you also check journal logs (sudo journalctl)?

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