New branding, new sites, what do you think?

Hi all,

As you can see, we’ve launched a new branding for Percona and a new design on and, as well as some design tweaks here on the Percona Forum. We hope you like it, we’re pretty excited about it here.

If you have any thoughts on the redesign you’d like to share, feel free to tell us here! Any bugs, dead links, whatnot, feel free to share. We are always working to make things better and more usable.


I’ve been using the blog since the old days and I find the new layout on the blog to be very wasteful of space. Also puzzling why the whitepapers are taking up so much space when I came here for the blog. All the items take up so much space I have to scroll to see almost anything and there’s no real way to see historical articles? The previous layout was trivial to see more history and since there was less space spent per item, it was easier to find things in general. I’ll grant that I was used to the old layout and this is new and different. If the quality of the content isn’t changing and the company really needs this new branding, I guess it’s ok… I don’t like how it feels now though, just so much space per item without conveying more info than before.


Hi Kaile,

Thanks so much for the comments and your long-time readership! Appreciate your insights - we’ll be working on the navigation for archives / older posts. Do you usually navigate that way (e.g., read multiple posts in one visit, navigate by archives) or find things via search?

The quality of content will continue to be as good as before, if not better. Please keep reading and we’ll be evaluating people’s thoughts on the layout as we keep improving the site. Really appreciate it.

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I usually browse the site once per week or so, hitting the main blog page first and then scroll through the article titles. When my QA environment is on fire, I use search.
I realize you probably designed the site flow based on your analysis of your reader’s behavior and my method probably isn’t as popular as people following links or email clicks.

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I think more people find us via search, yeah. But we want navigation to be good regardless of how someone landed on our sites. Thanks!

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Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on the new design and logo launch!

I have faced the below issue after new design launched.

If I click the below link, it automatically went to documentation page. I couldn’t able to access the percona-monitoring-plugins. Can you please check it?
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Hi - thanks for raising that. It looks like that link has gone away, I found it on Wayback Machine: pmp-check-mysql-status. Can you tell me what page you found that link on? Thanks!

I found the documentation page instead of percona-monitoring-plugins

Hi again - thanks. Do you know what page you were on that had the link to percona-monitoring-plugins? What’s the URL or page name for that? Thanks!

There is information here that we have stopped supporting this product.

However, we wrote that it will be available for download.

Old link for download: Downloads - Percona