New and hoping for a direction on restoration

Hello folk! I’m new to this and just kind of tinkering at the moment to get a grasp.

I set up PMM and am curious how I could restore a singular database through either PMM or xtrabackup. It doesn’t look possible through PMM, it appears I’d have to do a full restore of all databases.

If someone could point me in the direction or maybe some gentle explanation that’d be appreciated. I see my files backed up with each database being their own folder and that filled with a bunch of .ibd.zst files.

I tried copying all of those and all of the xtrabackup_ files(checkpoint,info,etc) and running the xtrabackup --prepare command but that gives me an error about reading the checkpoints file. I’m assuming that has to do with the file compression that is performed by PMM?

Anyways thanks to anyone who reads this and is able to lend some helpful words or point me in the right direction to start reading.

That’s actually just a result of how MySQL creates databases. In MySQL world, a “database” (or schema) is just a folder on the disk and tablespaces (.ibd files) are stored in the folder.

No :slight_smile: it means there’s something else missing.

PMM does not support this currently. You’d have to use xtrabackup on the command line. Have a read over this blog post:

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