Mysqlsh file and position of a consistent backup created by dumpInstance utility

Taking backups with the util.dumpInstance() and then restoring them with utils.dumpLoad() has proven incredibly faster than any other tool.
That said I would like to use the utility to seed a replica but I would need to know what’s the file/position of the “consistent” backup created with it. Does anybody knows how?

Hi @zerg2k - I haven’t used the util.loadDump() routine but the docs say you can get the GTID information from the @.json dump file. See Note #3 from the following page:

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Thanks @Michael_Coburn . I am aware of the GTID Executed metadata. I am asking here because I see nothing about file/position.
For what is worth if the server is using file/position replication instead of GTID the GTIDExecuted entry in @.json is empty.