Mysqldump: Error in field count for table: `name` ! Aborting

Hello Team,

I am encountering an issue with mysqldump while attempting to take a backup of a database on the replica site. The error message displayed is as follows:

“mysqldump: Error in field count for table: tableName! Aborting.”

I have noticed that this error occurs consistently, but with different table names each time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi @Percona_new !

The error doesn’t provide much information indeed, my first guess would be, do you have tables with columns named “count” in your database?

Also, please provide the versions you’re using; and if you’re running the mysqldump manually or is it under a script.

As a final note, I would recommend you trying mydumper instead of mysqldump; since you can add parallelism to your backups with that one.

I hope this helps you.