mysqld_multi xtradb "!includedir" directive does not work

I’we created an “instance2.cnf” file into the conf.d folder with the second mysql instance parameters. When i run mysqld_multi … report, it just silently ignores the included config. I’we tried to move the “!includedir” to the first row, tried with absoulte, relative paths, made a wrong included config file - but it just not work.
I’we read that there is a similar reported mysql bug from 2007 ( but i hope that Percona will fix it faster somehow.

Backgound: We are using a lot (~25) mysql instances in our system.
Instead of use 25(x3) server, my plan is to use Percona Xtradb with mysql_multi.If i cant split the log sections into separate files, the config file will be very long - almost unmanageable.
Anyone experienced this problem?