Mysql start-up queries

I would like to know whether is there any case (may be during crash) when MySQL internally starts the instance directly by issuing mysqld command and not mysqld_safe ? Planning to write some logic for passing parameters to customized plugin via mysqld_safe script.

Could be of great help if someone could share insights on this.

Thanks in advance!

If you can provide these parameters on command-line, why can’t you simply add them to my.cnf like all other plugins?

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Thanks for the reply. Storing it in my.cnf (option file) won’t be advisable here as I am in need of secret/password during start-up for obtaining another layer of obfuscation.

In case of command-line argument, secrets would be shared only at start-up & not available locally in a running server.

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MySQL as a secure key vault plugin that you could use as well.

mysqld_safe is no longer in use in modern MySQL as systemd handles most aspects of what mysqld_safe used to do. There is a mysql-systemd (or similar) script that is launched.