MySQL shutting down


I started having a problem the last two days with a MySQL installation (5.5.30). The server shuts down at the same time (within a few minutes) two days in a row. When I review the error logs all I see is this:

130430 9:19:16 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Normal shutdown

I assume the only way for a normal shut down to be initiated is by a MySQL user with shut down privileges? Is that correct?

Not necessarily. From what I’ve seen, any “nice” shutdown of MySQL will result in the same message. I.e. if you kill the process (without forcing it), it will shutdown gracefully, and will show the normal shutdown message.

I’d start by checking your system logs / uptime to see if the host system itself is restarting, and then I’d check to see if your host system is running out of memory at any point. Both of these things could result in a shutdown of MySQL. Not positive that the out of memory one would cause a normal shutdown, but worth looking into anyway.