MySQL Security & high performance

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  1. What are the measures or solutions to improve the security mechanism in Percona MySQL…?
  2. What are the best practices for configuring Percona MySQL to acheive high performance …?

Security :

  • Set the root MySQL password.
  • Delete the test account and database that were created during the initial installation of MySQL.
  • Make sure that each individual MySQL account password is set.
  • Grant privileges on an as-needed basis. Avoid granting global privileges unnecessarily.
  • Don’t use wildcards in the hostname value that is associated with accounts.
  • Periodically review an account’s MySQL users and databases to make sure that the permissions that are defined are valid.

High Performance:

  • … waiting for input from the more experienced guys

could you please brief the above point…?

Hi there
can anyone look into the point 2.

I think this is a very general question.
Our blog has over 1000 posts from MySQL experts: Link
There are many recommendations to improve performance and availability.

Also, I recommend you read the book by Peter Zaitsev:
High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More
There he was trying to answer your question in a 600-page book.

I think that there is no universal answer to your question, which will fit into 6-10 points.