Mysql insert stress test

Hi All,
I have a java socket application.Tcp communicator decodes the GPS location and inserts that data into the database and before inserting we do some selects and updates but all I do it using prepared statements. Right now, one thread of TCP communicator serves one device request.Immediately after creating the thread we get one connection from the pool. After decoding the GPS data is where we perform the multiple select, update and insert for each data. As number of devices are increasing, the number of concurrent connections to our Mysql database are also increasing.So I am trying to conduct a simulation and stress test something like below. The issue is that this is sequential test but in real environment the devices will be coming in parallel. How to achieve a near real stress situation for both mysql and java to find out how many inserts could mysql take in on second? Ideally how many writes can innodb do in one second?

Hello javiecholson188 welcome to the Percona Community Forum.

The team here often use sysbench. There are quite a lot of posts on the blog and website about this
If you need datasets, there is an old post but some of the suggestions remain live:

It may be that you get some other suggestions too, but see if those help?