MySQL consumes 150 percent of memory

Keys :

Com_preload_keys = 0
Com_show_keys = 41
Handler_read_key = 6165943611
Key_blocks_not_flushed = 0
Key_blocks_unused = 834091
Key_blocks_used = 226605
Key_read_requests = 11279788529
Key_reads = 2509198
Key_write_requests = 3246809
Key_writes = 821649

Temp :

Created_tmp_disk_tables = 398490
Created_tmp_files = 459
Created_tmp_tables = 759909

At a particular point in the day, the CPU load just hits the roof making the site super slow. Pages that usually open in 1 or 2 seconds take approximately 1 minute to 5 minutes to load. Can someone help?

So is the problem 150% memory consumption, or CPU overload?

Unless you have a real storm of connections coming in at that time during the day, my guess is that the server starts to swap due to that the memory is out and when it does everything goes to almost a standstill since the cpu will basically just move around a lot of data trying to execute all processes.

But without seeing some output from “top” or the like during this peak it’s hard to say.

As for MySQL output from these commands can also help to see how well tuned your database is:

show global status like ‘handler%’;show global status like ‘queries’;show global status like ‘select%’;show global status like ‘sort%’;show global status like ‘table%’;