MySQL Cluster + SphinX

I have configured MySQL Cluster. When I, importing MySQL Database Schema then it will give me an error.

ERROR 1214 (HY000) at line 2: The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes

I have read about it on and understand. Now i want to use SphinX with MySQL Cluster i am confused what should i need to modify in order to make it work with MySQL Cluster.

CREATE TABLE cchistory (
LinkPointID varchar(30) default NULL,
UID varchar(20) NOT NULL default ‘’,
UserID varchar(20) default NULL,
CName varchar(40) NOT NULL default ‘’,
CAddress tinytext NOT NULL,
CTel varchar(30) default NULL,
CEmail varchar(80) default NULL,
CCNumber varchar(16) NOT NULL default ‘’,
CCType varchar(4) NOT NULL default ‘’,
CCVNumber char(2) default NULL,
CCExpiryMonth char(2) NOT NULL default ‘’,
CCExpiryYear varchar(4) NOT NULL default ‘’,
StatusCode varchar(60) default NULL,
StatusMessage varchar(60) default NULL,
StatusApproval varchar(60) default NULL,
AVSCode text,
TrackingID varchar(40) default NULL,
Amount decimal(6,2) default NULL,
Type varchar(4) NOT NULL default ‘’,
Comments text,
IsCharged tinyint(1) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
DateTime datetime default NULL,
FULLTEXT KEY StatusApproval (StatusApproval)

Replace this line with what ?

FULLTEXT KEY StatusApproval (StatusApproval)

Best Regards.

It all depends on how Sphinx is working.

If Sphinx needs a FULLTEXT index then you have to use MyISAM tables since they are the only one that supports it.

But if you can configure Sphinx to not use fulltext indexes than this row can just be deleted.

But you will have to read thru the options for Sphinx.

Dear sterin,

But if i want to use NDBCluster then how can i use SphinX MyISAM Table ?

Best Regards.

The problem is that you can’t.

If you want to use NDB cluster then you need to use NDB tables and those does not support FULLTEXT indexes.

So if you want to use FULLTEXT indexes then you will have to use MyISAM tables.

And then there is the question about Sphinx and what it can use.
Because if Sphinx is using FULLTEXT indexes (which this create table indicates) then the Sphinx application has to be modified to support NDB tables instead.

So as you see there is no middle ground here.
You must start by checking up on if Sphinx supports anything other than MyISAM tables and FULLTEXT indexes.
If it does then you have a chance to get it to work with NDB tables otherwise you will have to stick with MyISAM tables.