Mysql 5.0 to Percona Server 5.1 (no SQL dumps)

I am currently running MySQL 5.0.x and would like to move to the latest Percona Server 5.1 version. However, from what I understand, it has to be done through SQL dump files. This could take quite sometime due to the size of the databases I am running.

Is there any way to do the upgrade without the need to SQL dump files so the upgrade finishes faster and thus less downtime?


davidb2002 wrote on Fri, 18 March 2011 11:06

Why do you say that?
Within the 5.x tree you should be able to just be able to run the mysql_upgrade script and switch out the old binary and in with the new one.

Yea, i noticed shortly after posting that I was completely wrong. Sorry to waste anyone’s time. :slight_smile: