[myisamchk] vs [isamchk]

I am looking at the current /etc/my.cnf we are running (Percona 5.5.62 - yes I know we need to upgrade :slight_smile: ), and I see that we have groups [myisamchk] and [isamchk] defined, with identical settings. I’m struggling to find definitive documentation about these groups, so can anyone tell me if both these groups are needed to be defined, and if so, why?


This post does a good job explaining. As you correctly indicated, upgrading should be a priority. 5.5 is EOL software.


Thanks Barrett, that’s very helpful. We have a few MyISAM tables but no ISAM tables, so I should be able to get rid of the isamchk section.

21 years ago when I started working with MySQL, ISAM (and isamchk) were spoken of in the past tense. etutorials.org smells like it does not get past 4.0, but there is no date to hint how old it is. I am quite sure ISAM is long gone.