Multiple MySQL Servers + KVM

I’m setting up a new dedicated mysql server and have been reading the mysql performance blog for the past few days which I’ve found very helpful indeed however one question I have remains surrounding whether or not to virtualise the server. On top of this I had a thought and I’d like to pass it by you guys to see what you think:

I have 3 databases to host:
DB1 - 60GB MYISAM, writes only
DB2 - 50GB INNODB, frequent read/write
DB3 - 10GB INNODB, usually reads, scheduled daily batch update, biggest performance issue at present

The server I have has 32GB memory.

My thought was to have 3 virtual hosts each running a percona server whereby I could have different configurations for each server to allow the DB3 server to be allocated 15GB memory and therefore loading it completely in memory.

I’m sure there are schema/query changes I can (and will) do but I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the suggested approach?

Thanks in advance,