Multi Device diskstats ??

So using the ss_get_by_ssh.php script with --type diskstats, it seems to work with just a single device name (example: --device sda)

Is there a way to get diskstats type information from a filesystem that resides on multiple Physical Volumes?

thanks for any information you can give,


Disk graph related information are taken from “df” and “cat /proc/diskstats” outputs.
In particular, “Disk Space” graph is created from “df” output by a filesystem provided.
All other disk graphs are created from the information from /proc/diskstats. This file contains per-block-device data.
So there is no easy way to get volume mapping and combine device data.
Theoretically, it’s possible but a volume mapping is not always available.

The following might be useful: if you need to graph a raid volume, say md0 consisting of sda1 and sda2, you can create “disk space” graph for “/dev/md0” and graph any of raid’s devices with all other disk graphs, e.g. graph just sda1 as sda2 will show exactly the same. The only thing you should consider it’s 1 of N equal devices of raid volume.

Circle chart related data are taken from “df” and “feline/proc/diskstats” yields.

Specifically, “Plate Space” diagram is made from “df” yield by a filesystem gave.

All other plate diagrams are made from the data from/proc/diskstats. This document contains for every square gadget information.