Move from 100 users to 10000 users


I have 100 users making requests to the database server simultaneously → request take around 3 seconds.

What changes should i make to the current database so that to server 10 000 requests simultaneously BUT request should continue to take 3 seconds.

I’ve heard about MySQL Cluster, MySQL Relication, Load Balancing etc but i can’t figure out how to use these techniques to accomplish my task. Can some one help me PLZ since i am new to MySQL. Some clear directives/approaches to solve this problem will prove a great help to me.

Thanks in advance )

You can buy ndb cluster, set up replication or do fancy things. I recommend you to learn what query optimization means first )) No offense, try to find the slow queries in the slow-query-log, try execute them (don’t modify data once again :wink: ) and try to understand how ‘explain’ works.

Good luck,