Monitor RDS instance in different AWS accounts

Hi, I need to add monitor for AWS RDS instances in multiple different AWS accounts. Is there any way to do that by providing AWS role ARN instead of access/secret key ?

It seems like rds_exporter(GitHub - percona/rds_exporter: AWS RDS exporter for Prometheus) support different AWS accounts by providing aws role ARN which can be used to assume role. I’ve also tested rds_exporter by adding the extra role ARN config like below and it’s able to get the correct metrics

aws_role_arn: arn:aws:iam::76784568345:role/my-role

But from the PMM web UI, I’m only able to add RDS instances in the same account as where the PMM server is installed (the PMM server is installed on AWS EC2 and attached with IAM profile).
I also looked at the API doc, it does not support role ARN as well.

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