MongoNot primary exception

Hi Team,

We are using the percona mongo 4.4.12-12 version.
Daily once or thrice we are getting the MongoNotPrimary Exception
following are the exceptions.

com.mongodb.MongoNotPrimaryException: Command failed with error 10107 (NotWritablePrimary): ‘not master’ on server xxxxxx:27017. The full response is {“topologyVersion”: {“processId”: {“$oid”: “624eb740544a06e59a667f66”}, “counter”: {“$numberLong”: “164”}}, “operationTime”: {“$timestamp”: {“t”: 1651004256, “i”: 5542}}, “ok”: 0.0, “errmsg”: “not master”, “code”: 10107, “codeName”: “NotWritablePrimary”, “$clusterTime”: {“clusterTime”: {“$timestamp”: {“t”: 1651004266, “i”: 1}}, “signature”: {“hash”: {“$binary”: “vJlGAZNB9ZCDd8Eb/vhFWq1XvJk=”, “$type”: “00”}, “keyId”: {“$numberLong”: “7070404437172289541”}}}} Show context

Help us to fix the issue