MongoDB Operator on minishift

Hi! Has anyone managed to deploy successfully to minishift recently? I am following the openshift docs but have CreateContainerConfigError on both cluster pods. oc describe pod reports the following:

$ oc describe pod
Type Reason Age From Message
---- ------ ---- ---- -------
Warning Failed 1h (x69 over 1h) kubelet, localhost Error: container has runAsNonRoot and image has non-numeric user (nobody), cannot verify user is non-root
Warning Unhealthy 35m (x96 over 1h) kubelet, localhost (combined from similar events): Liveness probe failed: 2020-03-10 10:59:37.196 main.go:70 FATAL Error connecting to mongodb: no reachable servers
Normal Pulled 20m (x242 over 1h) kubelet, localhost Successfully pulled image "percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator:1.3.0-backup"
Normal Started 10m (x14 over 1h) kubelet, localhost Started container
Warning BackOff 5m (x92 over 54m) kubelet, localhost Back-off restarting failed container
Normal Pulling 10s (x329 over 1h) kubelet, localhost pulling image "percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator:1.3.0-backup"

So apparently Openshift wants there to be a valid numeric userid, which doesn’t seem to be set anywhere on the pod. It was suggested it should be like so:

securityContext: runAsUser: 999

Openshift won’t let me edit the pod definition once deployed and I can’t figure out where it would go in the operator. Questions: [LIST=1]
[]Is that likely to be the reason the pod doesn’t come up
]If so then how do I set it?

$ minishift version
minishift v1.34.2+83ebaab
$ minishift openshift version
openshift v3.11.0+8bff772-387


Hi James Could you tell us what version of minishift you are using please?

hi Lorraine, it was in the post but here again

$ minishift version minishift v1.34.2+83ebaab $ minishift openshift version openshift v3.11.0+8bff772-387 

Hi! Was there anything you could tell me about this, please? We’re evaluating this operator to use in a product so it would be nice to know if it is stable/usable or not!

Hi James

About your issue with runAsUser, please uncomment platform: openshift line in deploy/cr.yaml file and also make changes which are found in minikube instruction

if you are searching for extra stability - we recommend to use fresh OpenShift >=4.2 and using 1.4.0 version of our MongoDB Operator, it supports 4.2 version of MongoDB and will be available very soon.

Hi! Thanks. I tried v1.4.0 and can confirm it appears to work out-of-the-box on Minishift (still OpenShift 3.11).