MongoDB : no WiredTiger stats

Hi guys,

I’m currently giving a try to PMM for MongoDB and that’s pretty good : fast & easy to install, nice UI => great job!

The metrics monitoring for our MongoDB standalone test server works well but I can’t see anything on the WiredTiger part and nothing related in help.

I added mongodb:metrics using :

sudo pmm-admin add mongodb:metrics --uri mongodb://admin:****@localhost:27017/admin

I’m using 1.0.4 version.

Thanks for your help!

This dashboard requires --cluster NAME and --nodetype mongod flags specified when adding MongoDB instance to the monitoring.
We are planning to make it simpler in the next releases.

Hi weber,

Thanks for you answer. In our case, it’s a standalone server so we have neither cluster name nor replicaset name. What should I seet for this parameter ?

Bumping this

With the current implementation, the node has to be added with the flags “–cluster CLUSTERNAME --nodetype mongod”.