Missing component_validate_password.so in percona-server-server 8.0.16-7-1.bionic


I did a fresh install (removed old installation of Percona mysql) of Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.16-7-1 on Ubuntu 18.04.3. However, it couldn’t find the validate_password component when I tried using mysql_secure_installation. It also didn’t find the file when I used “INSTALL COMPONENT”.

I had to copy the component_*.so files from a CentOS 7 install of Percona MySQL 8 and place them on my Ubuntu 18.04 Server in the directory /usr/lib/mysql/plugin. After copying those files over, I was able to enable the validate_password component.

My question is: is there something wrong with the installation package for Ubuntu 18.04? Or did I miss something?

I installed it via apt using the Percona repository (percona-release 1.0-13.generic).



Hi albertus we think you might have hit on a problem here. Could you raise a bug report on our Jira system please? By doing this you will get direct notification of when the issue is fixed. Here’s the link: https://jira.percona.com/ and there is information on the Jira home page on how to create a ticket.

Any problem with doing that please come straight back here. Thank you for finding the issue and taking the time to report it.

Thanks! I’ll do that now.