Minimum grant that PMM requires for monitoring postgres with pg_stat_monitor


What are the minimum GRANTs required for the PMM database account? The docs don’t seem to mention this anywhere

Hi @Rithesh_Sellercraft ,

Granting pg_monitor to the user should be enough as pg_stat_monitor forks from pg_stat_statement and checking Postgres documentation it says:

For security reasons, only superusers and roles with privileges of the **pg_read_all_stats** role are allowed to see the SQL text and queryid of queries executed by other users. Other users can see the statistics, however, if the view has been installed in their database.

and pg_monitor member of the pg_read_all_stats role:
pg_monitor: Read/execute various monitoring views and functions. This role is a member of pg_read_all_settings, pg_read_all_stats and pg_stat_scan_tables.

I’ve report a bug asking to double check and update the documentation. You can find it here Percona Monitoring and Management - Issues - Percona JIRA.



Thank you for the information.