Migration from percona-server to pxc


I have Percona Server 5.6 with a 50-ish Gb database and both cpu- and io-bound workload and, apparently, it’s time for me to scale a little bit.

Is there an easy way to migrate from standalone percona server to pxc (like replacing percona-server-server with percona-xtradb-cluster package and be good to go) or should I bring up completly separate pxc cluster and migrate data as in any other migration from any other database?

Thank you.

Hi Tiarv,
What are you attempting to accomplish by “scaling”? Are you trying to scale your reads? PXC is not a write-scale solution. Even with multiple PXC nodes, you would still only be writing to 1 node. You could certainly read from all other nodes to achieve better read throughput.

Are you trying to scale your reads?

After a little bit of testing, apparently, it’s okay to install percona-xtradb-cluster over percona-server, replacing it, works just fine.