Migration from mongoDB enterprise to percona server for mongoDB v4.0.12-6

we are planning to migrate from MongoDB enterprise to percona server for MongoDB (PSMDB) with the replica set method (we will add the new node to the replica set and when replication is completed we will remove the old ones).

While I have been testing the migration method in a staging environment, I was faced with an awkward problem.
When I configured the new PSMDB node and started the node, replication started and data have been copied from the primary /secondary to the new node after the initial data was completed but after initial sync replication has crushed with the below error :

2021-12-10T23:02:36.167+0300 I REPL [replication-6] initial sync done; took 960s.
2021-12-10T23:02:36.168+0300 F - [replication-6] Invariant failure getMemberState().startup2() src/mongo/db/repl/replication_coordinator_impl.cpp 748
2021-12-10T23:02:36.168+0300 F - [replication-6]

***aborting after invariant() failure

2021-12-10T23:02:36.199+0300 F - [replication-6] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).

when I checked the rs.status command in the new node, the result is :

xxxx_st:OTHER> rs.status();
“ok” : 0,
“errmsg” : “Our replica set config is invalid or we are not a member of it”,
“code” : 93,
“codeName” : “InvalidReplicaSetConfig”

also when I added the new node to the replica from primary after a while the new node was removed from the replica automatically.
we are using mongoDB ops manager and think that this can be occurred from the ops manager configuration but I’m not sure about this situation and is there a way to add the new node to the cluster or is there an easy way of migrating from ops manager MongoDB to PSMDB.

thank you for your help,

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Hello @Muammer_yigit ,

I don’t believe Ops manager would allow you to do it. It just removes the node from the replica set that it does not know about.

Let me ask the team about it and come back to you.

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@Muammer_yigit after discussing this matter with our team here are the conclusions:

  • it is possible to migrate from Mongo EE to PSDMB
  • to perform such a migration with OpsManager it is required to unmanage the project first (disable automation agent for every node)
  • Once done, add a node into the replica set and proceed with the regular migration path

Please let me know if it helps.

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