Memory leak / memory footprint reduction for percona mongod

I am using mongod4.0 in K8s

  • image: percona/percona-server-mongodb:4.0

I am continuously see increase in RAM usage for mongod in few hours to ~ 6 GB.
I am using - - “–inMemorySizeGB=1” and not pushing a lot of data. But adding and delete same data multiple times.

is there a known memory leak issue with 4.0 version ?? or there is some configuration to reduce this.

Hello hklohar thank you for posting your experience.

I’ve spoken with the MongoDB team and we’d like to work with you in more detail on this to understand what’s happening in this case. There’s no known memory leak issue with 4.0.

Would you be able to raise a Jira ticket? Then you can follow along with the team’s assessment, can work with them, and be notified by any decisions and outcomes.

There is more information on how to provide the necessary information here:

And the jira URL is