Max number of process

Hi all, I hope you can help me please.

I’m using a VPS with 32GB of RAM and 4 () it’s running CENTOS 6.6 and WHM/cPanel.
The problem is in the max number of processes that are running at the same time it’s 24 only. My app is receiving a lot of information, processing and writing in the database but server is processing only 24 process and the CPU usage is less than 20% I’m sure it’s very low for the powerful of the server.

I just edited the /etc/security/limits.conf file but it’s not working.

Thanks in advance.

Have you used ulimit from the command line to your desired value?

If the problem persists could you provide any significant entries from the mysql error logs, relevant /var/log/ locations, dmesg.

The following can assist with tracking down logs for cpanel or other services running.
lsof -p | grep -i log