master master setup

I have seen the tutorial regarding master slave mysql setup - but can anyone assist in pointing me to a setup on how to get master master setup functioning - with a sync utility between servers if the servers go out of sync and i wish to use my functioning server to sync to the out of sync server ?


check out pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync to check for and maintain consistency. If you have a lot of data, you’ll have to throttle checksum’n.

useful options Ive found is with pt-table-sync, the print and test options. There’s also a detailed section about master-master.

for pt-table-sync, you’ll have to query the checksum tables to see where checksum’s do not match

thanks - but do you know where there is a tutorial on how to run those utilities ?
I have downloaded them and getting an error.

I have entered the the username/password for master1 as m1/pas and for master2 as m2/pas in the [client] sections of both my.cnf files.

I get this error:

pt-table-sync --execute h=,D=mailserver,t=virtual_users h=
DBI connect(‘mailserver;host=;mysql_read_default_gr oup=client’,’’,…) failed: Access denied for user ‘m1’@‘bbmachine.local’ (using password: YES) at /usr/bin/pt-table-sync line 1382

I think my issuse is for some reason it adds the ‘bbmachine.local’ ending to the name - do not know how to stop this. Further - i do not think it should matter because i have ‘m1’@’%’ – so that user can login from anywhere - I did not really give the user any further rights then the article - - gave the user.

thanks – any tutorial you can point me to would be appriciated.