lower_case_file_system variable is not found


im trying to enable lower_case_file_system variable in my.cnf, however i received this error in the error log

unknown variable ‘lower_case_file_system=ON’.

anyone can help me on this?

Could you share the my.cnf please?
What exact version of Percona Server for MySQL are you using?

Hi Lorraine

im using percona-server-server-8.0.16-7.1.el7.x86_64, ive read somewhere that it is not possible to turn it on on linux

btw below is somepart of my my.cnf


HI there, one of the team here looked into it for you and confirmed that Percona Server is in step with upstream MySQL i.e. you get the same error there. It seems that the parameter exists to help with maintaining compatibility when needing to switch between Windows, OSX and Linux, so as you’ve rightly observed, it’s not possible to turn it on in Linux.

That it’s labelled as a variable on Linux is probably a bit of a misnomer in this circumstance. Although we can see where it might be used, it’s been observed to me that some senior folk have never had cause to use it, as the compatibility issues are taken care of at the file system level anyhow.

Hope this helps?

[url]MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 5.1.8 Server System Variables

“This variable is read only because it reflects a file system attribute and setting it would have no effect on the file system.”

So, this behaviour seems to be expected.

Hi, thanks for the clarification… sorry for the late reply