Logical innoDB import not replicating

I have a 3-node PXC running Mysql 5.7x and proxied using haproxy. I used myloader (the restore side of mydumper) to import a roughly 7GB DB via the proxy and it reported success.
The issue is that the imported DB tables on the two nodes not selected by the proxy for the import are empty–i.e. the tables replicated from the import node, but the data they contain didn’t. Thus while I can see the db folder and files in the mysql datadir on all nodes, the tables on 2/3 nodes are much too small–5.3MB instead of 7GB. A mysql query on the individual nodes shows similar results. I wondered if the systems just needed more time to sync, but nothing has changed since Friday when I made the initial restore.
In https://forums.percona.com/discussion/55592/trying-to-restore-partial-backup-on-cluster Peter suggests that a logical restore using myloader should replicate to other nodes, so I’m not sure what I missed.
I’d appreciate suggestions regarding:
1. How to jumpstart the replication of the restored DB?
2. How to troubleshoot why it isn’t replicating automatically?
3. What can I change in my restore process to make it replicate immediately next time?

it never should happen if you have the cluster working properly. Make sure all nodes are connected.
You can check it with SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE ‘wsrep_cluster_size’ command. It should show the number equal to amount of nodes you have.
If you have that correct, than check error log files on all nodes, likely nodes got disconnected during the import.