Load Testing Software/Tools to stress 8 CPU Percona instance

We are in the process of trying to evaluate what will be our next build of MySQL to be rolled out into our production environment of over 150 MySQL instances (currently running 5.0.45).

I’ve currently got installs of several versions of MySQL:

Sun MySQL 5.0.77
Sun MySQL 5.1.35
Percona MySQL 5.1.34

The software I’ve used has been mysqlslap and Pole Position ( http://polepos.sourceforge.net/ ), with the latter being the best for comparing different database instances directly against the same tests, with graphs of all data exported to a formatted PDF for easy reporting.

The one problem I’m having is that all versions of MySQL have been performing EXACTLY the same. None of the versions are showing any variation using Pole Position. CPU on any given instance usually maxes out at 100% out of possible 800% on a 8 CPU core box.

What load testing software would you recommend that can generate a high enough load to show the difference between these versions of MySQL? This is important, as my database management will not move forward with any other version of MySQL unless there is a tangible benefit to performing the migrations.


Hi Lee,

I think you miss some very important details.

At first:
moving from 5.0 to 5.1 could be risky. You must understand the differences.

For example the query optimizer thinks differently. You have to see all these things before moving to 5.1.

About which version we could argue a lot )

At first, Percona built mysql servers can help you if you want good performance with Innodb/XtraDB or you want some advanced debug/profiling options for your self. In other cases, I would recommend Sun’s release.