load balancing of zabbix database, ProxySQL in front of master-master MySQL 5.7

Hello Everyone,

We have Percona MySQL 5.7.23 deployed on bare metal server (RAID10 on 7.2K SAS 12Mb/s 8TB HDD spinners). It hosts ~12TB zabbix database. To have redundant setup, we decided to deploy second identical bare metal server, set up master-master replication, and put ProxySQL in front of the servers to load balance reads and writes. After deployment we ran ProxySQL, but have got whole bunch of artifacts and eventually database crash. We learned that zabbix NMS doesn’t support distributed writes at all (all writes have to go to the single server), and support of distributed reads is quite limited (only trends- and history-related tables support distributed reads). Per zabbix official position: “Proxy-like connection managers are not supported by Zabbix and currently no ETA for that kind of feature. If you implement such kind of solution, it’s not supported supported by Zabbix so you are on your own”. I wonder if we really limited only with fail-over configuration, or we can do some kind of load-balancing?

Thank you.