LDAP Authorization dies if session is idle

Hi folks!

Thanks @Percona for making mongodb with ldap as community version!
We use Percona Server for MongoDB version v4.4.9-10 with ldap authorization configuration which works after initial startup.
The Servers run in a 2 node replica set with one arbiter node.
If the servers are freshly started auth to ldap servers works quite fine, the login via ldap works as long as one session via mongosh authenticated via ldap is hold open for longer time. If this occurs the long running session is dead (not responding anymore) and no new logins with ldap are possible till mongodb restart on the current primary node.

If the error occurs the following Ops are shown on the primary node:


                        "type" : "op",
                        "host" : "host1:27017",
                        "desc" : "AuthorizationManager-5",
                        "active" : true,
                        "currentOpTime" : "2021-10-22T09:37:23.177+02:00",
                        "opid" : 974195,
                        "killPending" : true,
                        "op" : "none",
                        "ns" : "",
                        "command" : {

                        "numYields" : 0,
                        "locks" : {

                        "waitingForLock" : false,
                        "lockStats" : {

                        "waitingForFlowControl" : false,
                        "flowControlStats" : {



This process cant be killed and is not there if the server is freshly restarted. It seams that the open stuck session blocks this Op.

Trying to let idle sessions die via mongosh (–idleSessionTimeout 120) did not work either.

Do you have any suggestions? Is there any configuration missing?

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