Japanese characters full text search

I am having some problems searching using the MATCH function for japanese words…

Here is the situation… As you might know japanese words are not separate with spaces… Here are 2 words (a composite one and a simple one)

  1. ストライプジャケット (strive jacket)
  2. ジャケット (jacket)

When I search for the first word I can find it. When I search for the second word (using MATCH function ojn a full text field) it will not find records containing the first word. It does makes sense to me since the words are not separated by spaces however how can I make it work?

I would like to mention that in some cases this will work even if the words are not separate by spaces so I guess I might be missing something

Is there an alternate solution for this? Most of the sites from Japan seems to have a solution for this and this applies for other sites as well

Any suggestion is really appreciate