issue about pt-query-digest filter queries by full-san

I download Percona Toolkit 3.1.0. When i run pt-query-digest for slow log, result: No events processed. Here are the steps:

1: /usr/local/bin/pt-query-digest -filter ‘$event>{arg} =~ m/^select/i’ /data/mysql/mysql3306/log/slow.log.

result is normal.

2: When run --filter ‘(($event->{Full_scan} || “”) eq “Yes”) || (($event->{Full_join} || “”) eq “Yes”)’ get error: No events processed.

/usr/local/bin/pt-query-digest --filter ‘(($event->{Full_scan} || “”) eq “Yes”) || (($event->{Full_join} || “”) eq “Yes”)’ /data/mysql/mysql3306/log/slow.log

#No events processed.

How to fix this issue

what’s the version of mysql , is it  percona mysql ?

This problem in

pt-query-digest 3.2.1

percona mysql 5.7


Could you provide an example queries file?