Is this a Percona Bug - rejects the fieldname "virtual"

I have a simple query “SELECT virtual FROM groups”. Works in my Windows/Xampp/PHP7/MySQL (5.6) local setup, but in Percona (5.7) on Bluehost, but it rejects the field word “virtual”. I have to use the “SELECT groups.virtual AS virtualx FROM groups” to make it work.  This is through PHPMyAdmin interface.  The error it provides is - An expression was expected. (near virtual)   Unrecognized keyword. (near virtual).  Can anyone confirm this is a bug in Percona or provide an explanation?  I can’t make sense of it otherwise.

Dear @hder
VIRTUAL was added as reserved keyword in MySQL 5.7
I would avoid using keywords as column names but if you have you you can refer to them by using backticks

select `virtual' from groups; should work.