Is there a simple way to install Percona Server 8.0 on Ubuntu 19.04/19.10 ?

I have 2 Ubuntu servers with OS versions 19.04 (disco) and 19.10 (eoan).
This instruction ( says that only Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 are supported.
I tried to install it nevertheless. At Ubuntu 19.10 I failed at 1st step:


because this file doesn’t exist.
For Ubuntu 19.04 it surprisingly exists, but then the next command:

sudo percona-release setup ps80

Throws an error:

Err:12 eoan Release  404  Not Found [IP: 80]Get:13 eoan/main Sources [1,025 B]Get:14 eoan/main amd64 Packages [1,121 B]Reading package lists... DoneE: The repository ' eoan Release' does not have a Release file.N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

Then I decided to try to compile from source, but it looks beyond my unix knowledge, so many strange parameters which I must specify myself.
Are there any simple ways to install PS8.0 at the newest Ubuntu servers?

Hello @Stalinko
We don’t support Ubuntu stable versions so there are no percona-release or percona-server packages available.
So the only options to you are:

  1. use binary tarballs
  2. compile
If you have specific errors/questions about the compile from source, do come back with them, since it’s possible that someone in the community will be able to help you. As we don’t officially support these versions of Ubuntu, it’s not likely that our engineering team will be able to spend time on this request, but someone out there may be able to help. 
You probably realize but ubuntu 19.10 will be EOL in July and 19.04 is already EOL

Thanks @“lorraine.pocklington”
Nope, I didn’t know Ubuntu 19 has short term support. That’s so weird :frowning:
Actually I was able to get a solution. Just downloaded latest packages from
They were designed for Ubuntu 18 but installed successfully at 19.10. However I didn’t see any speed boost in my case, the speed was even a little bit worse than with MySQL 8.0 so I decided to rollback to MySQL Server. That’s most likely because my server serves just 1 user and performs isolated heavy calculations. It seems that those who develop DB servers are aimed mostly at environments with a lot of users making light queries.

Thanks for the response… I updated my reply a little as I misinterpreted what I was told. We DO support Ubuntu but not those specific versions. I wonder if there’s anyone has any suggestions… I might try one of our frequent posters see if they want to contribute… :slight_smile:

@Stalinko , you are correct that much more attention is paid to high-concurrency workloads, at the expense of low-concurrency or single connection. Mark Callaghan wrote several interesting posts on this topic: said:

  • Did you use exactly the same configuration?
  • What is exactly slower with Percona Server?

@“Federico Razzoli” thanks for the link. After reading this I started to realise I’m moving in back direction… Instead of upgrading my server I should degraded it to 5.6 and get really notable speed boost.
Regards your questions:
>Did you use exactly the same configuration?
Yes. I have my own config. And between tests I only replaced database server software without changing the data and configs.
>What is exactly slower with Percona Server?
Well it would require a serious investigation, but I’m short of time. I just ran a bunch of my heavy and semi-heavy scripts and compared the times for different installations. Percona was like 10% slower on all the scripts. So I decided it’s just not a good match for my personal case.

@Stalinko I don’t suggest to downgrade. MySQL 5.6 “end of life” is planned for February next year. This means that bugs of any type will not be fixed after that date.