Intergrating PerconaMongodb with hashicorp Vault on a replica set

Dear @Akira and @igroene,

I’m new to Database management, tried Percona succeeded till a replication set with a username and password, but felt difficult to integrate with Hashicorp Vault could you share some video or a document for the integration process.

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Hello, please check the following resources:


Dear @igroene,

I never expected an early reply at your end, it’s very kind of you to be available on very short notice for my message. Went down the link and started a trial with the steps, I ended up in a vault service error could you help me here, I hereby attached the configuration file and my error message.

FYI I’m trying the setup in a local environment


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Hi, did you start the vault process as per the article?

vault server -config=/etc/vault/vault.hcl >> /var/log/vault.log 2>&1 &

it seems nothing is listening in port 8200. You can check with

netstat -nạp | grep LISTEN
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