Integration with Mobile

Do you have any mobile app for percnoa monitoring and management.

We want to integrate our desktop PMM application to mobile



Hi Srinivas,

Currently, we do not have a mobile app for PMM.


Hi Srinivas,

Grafana has no official mobile app.

There is a tag for mobile-specific issues on GitHub

Can you give a little more detail on what you’d want on mobile? As others have mentioned there’s simply too much dependency on grafana at the moment which isn’t mobile friendly but as we add our own elements to PMM Mobile responsive design is definitely something we consider. If you want to jot down a few ideas of what what would be most valuable we can make sure our product team sees for consideration. “Everything” won’t work as that’s just too much but what are you using the most? We’re working on integrated alerting with PMM and I’d imagine that would be HUGE to have mobile view even if it was the only thing to start.

HI @steve.hoffman ,

Here is the back ground for the ask :

We used PMM for Mysql,Mongodb and postgressql and recently extended the same for Azure cosmos dB and SQL server also.

Last week I presented this to my leader ship team and they are very impressed with this

Except Oracle we are using for all the databases in our company.

During the presentation , they asked do we have any mobile app with this.

The present PMM is too heavy for the mobile view.

May be if we have a app in the apple / android app store where we can integrate that app with the app will be great.

like for Splunk we have a mobile app in the app store and have a mobile compatibility to view the data.

My Idea would be we can start with the basic dashboards like node exporter graphs like CPU, memory and the basic DB dashboards graphs like active sessions, connections