Install XtraBackup-2.1.6 on Redhat , conflict with Oracle Enterprise MySQL

Ran into a packaging issue while installing XtraBackup-2.1.6 (percona-xtrabackup-2.1.6-702-Linux-x86_64.tar) on Redhat with Oracle’s MySQL installed.

And it proceeds to list the files in charsets and what seems like all of the errmsg.sys files in /usr/share/mysql/{language}
Where {language} is all of the languages supported.

I’m assuming this is because if you are going to use Open Source better use the CE? :slight_smile: Right?

Going to move to a different MySQL flavor and hope this works.

Adam C. Scott

Hi Adam,

Can you try to install xtrabackup with “yum install” and check? here is the repository details.
[url]Percona XtraBackup