Inplace migration from 5.7.latest -> 8.0.latest on a mounted volume (lost+found)

Is in place possible? 8.0.x removed ignore-db-dir so you get this chicken/egg situation where you need ignore-db-dir or the upgrade breaks but 8.0 doesn’t like the parameter. The only way I was able to get around this was to chmod lost+found to the mysql user which is a no-no. This leaves me with a lost?found db showing up on the server. Is there a way to remove this lost?found db non-destructively (removing the directory from the filesystem) but still remove from the mysql “data dictionary” (upstream terminology).

Hi, you should still be able to do in-place by moving the db files to a subdirectory of the mount point instead.

I think most people consider “in place” to require less hoops though right? Think this should be documented as part of the upgrade guide? Forgoing making a change that will require additional configuration modifications is there any way to fix the data dictionary?