innodb_thread_concurrency values for many cpu systems

High level question: What is a good innodb_thread_concurrency value for a large scale 8 CPU box?

We have a new set of dual processor dual core (with hyperthread) servers on the way and are debating which value for innodb_thread_concurrency is best. The OS see’s 8 CPU’s in each of these boxes. Shoould we use a high or infinate innodb_thread_concurrency or use lower because of the problem of sharing the mutex’s for the innodb buffer pool that was blogged about last month?

innodb_thread_concurrency is not always solving problems on boxes with high number of CPUs. You may try values 8 or 16 to start with while sometimes smaller value as 2 or 4 give better performance.

You also might wish to disable hypperthreading.

You can also check this post: innodb-scalability/

It has plenty of good details.