I have used my google search methods and not found a good answer. I know I have SSD SAN storage but for the life of me I cant figure out which option to use…

I have about 60% write and 40% reads in a PXC 8 cluster on Centos 8.

Why I am looking at this is according to PMM my log fsync is about 5.12 and the Fsync Rate is 580.64. the Pending Fsyncs are I think pretty low with a avg of 0.22 I am attempting to figure out which option on my storage is best but cant determine which one to actually use… fsync/0_Direct or no fsync or or or… I have tried some trial and error but honestly cant figure which is best… Any hints on how to determine this?

Really the best option is to run some benchmarks on your actual hardware to determine the best option. To get started I suggest configuring O_DIRECT for most cases.

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How is your SAN mounted? NFS? FibreChannel? What are the mount options?

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