Innodb and Partitioning

Is here some experience with Innodb and Partitioning?

I played with Partitioning and MyISAM with databases between 100G and 200G and Im quite impressed. My “trick” is not using PK or UNIQUE Keys.

Does Partitioning and InnoDB makes sense, or is the clustered index good enough?

Who uses partitioned InnoDB-tables?

Ups: ons-partitioning-keys-unique-keys.html
RTFM :smiley:

If you are going to partition on the InnoDB primary key (the clustered index) you won’t get any performance benefits and will slow down access by other columns.

However, you can get operational benefits, like faster optimization of tables if you only need to optimize the most recent partitions (assuming you partition by date or a sequentially assigned key).