Innobackupex command not found in Debian 10

Dear Concerned,

I have do R & D in mysql 8.0.22 in Debain 10 and using xtrabackup for full and incremental mysql backup and download the scripts from some sites . In that they are using innobackupex but it is not available in Debian 10 (x86_64) .

  1. How to take full backup

  2. Take incremental backup

  3. Take the full backup from remote machine to local machine

  4. Resote the full and incremental backup in another instance

Could you please help to me in this case, it would be great


Hey @gopalakrishna99 ,

Innobackupex was a wrapper for xtrabackup. It has been deprecated in 2.4 and removed from 8.0. You should use xtrabackup binary instead.

Regarding your questions:

  1. The Backup Cycle - Full Backups
  2. Incremental Backup
  3. This is not possible. PXB requires local access to the database files.
  4. Just check the restore part from the documentation on point 1 / 2 . Here will be the same. You can move the files after the backup to the destination instance, and prepare the files there.
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Thanks for replying for innobackupex information

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