Information about configuration

Hello there!
I would like to know the correct configuration to do a XtraDB Cluster for my structure. Can you help me?
It’s a Percona Server 5.6 with 600 databases(InnoDB and MyISAM), I believe that are between 6000 and 10000 tables. Configured on a Virtual Machine (Hyper-V) CentOS 6.5 64 Bits, 4GB RAM, 8 cores 2.4Ghz. Storage RAID50 HDD SAS 15K.

It’s a dedicated server for de Percona and all databases are of websites.

I tried many configurations, but after 20 minutes that servers are replicated, the rows start to go up and doesn’t stop. Start to do this: wsrep in pre-commit stage and the connections start to go up and the cluster down.