increase int column via UPDATE, without SELECT

I’m a tad worried that this is a simple SQL question, and not a MySQL performance question, so if thats the case, my apologies.

I’m looking to increase (or decrease) the value of an int field by a set amount (usually 1), without calling a SELECT statement first.

Right now, i am doing a SELECT to find the value, then doing an UPDATE with the new value.

I hope there is a way of just doing an UPDATE with a function, but i have yet to find it (and my bad english is slowing the search).



P.S. While not a performace quesstion iteself, it would save me 1 DB call everytime i want to do this, which happens alot on my system.


Apparently the phrase i should be searing for is INCREMENT and not INCREASE.

That got me the solution first link on google.

for those that might be as stupid as me it’s:

update yourtablename set x = x + 1;

I will try and not ask as silly questions next time, i’m new to MySQL so i apologise in advance.