Incorrect information in file in mysql


I am getting the following error

‘error of Incorrect information in file in mysql: tablename.frm’.

I am using the storage engine of table is innodb.

I search in the google. It says the database is corrupted. But I didn’t get the solution to recover the data.

Vaneet Gupta

Sounds to me like you have either changed the data path of the InnoDB data file, or changed the buffer pool size without removing the log file first. Something has probably changed in your “my.ini” to cause this… what changes have you recently made, and what editor do you use for your my.ini?


Hello Steve,

I think you are right. I think I had made the changes buffer pool size without deleting log file first. I use the editor edit plus.

Can you tell me why we need to delete log file. There are two log files which one is need to delete.

What is the relation b/w buffer pool size ?

Even I had made changes in my.ini



Once in disable in innodb settings skip-innodb.